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Web Accessibility Statement

Criterion’s website is designed and coded to be accessible to end-users with disabilities. If you have comments concerning this website’s accessibility, please contact via Email:

This website conforms to the following accessibility standards:

The information below documents this website’s compliance with the four main guiding principles of WCAG 2.0 A & AA guidelines.


WCAG 1.1 / Section 508 (a): Text Alternatives

WCAG 1.3 / Section 508 (d), (g), (h), (l), (n): Adaptable

WCAG 1.4 / Section 508 (c): Distinguishable


WCAG 2.1 / Section 508 1194.21 (a): Keyboard Accessible

WCAG 2.4 / Section 508 (d), (i), (o): Navigable


WCAG 3.1: Readable

WCAG 3.2: Predictable

WCAG 3.3 / Section 508 (n): Input Assistance


WCAG 4.1: Compatible

Assistive Technology & Browser Support

This web application has been developed to fully support the following assistive technologies, software and browsers:

Assistive Technologies & Testing Software



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