PDF Accessibility Remediation

Creating accessible PDFs is more complicated than simply using PDF accessibility testing software built by Adobe, Microsoft Word or CommonLook. Criterion’s PDF accessibility experts will also manually test and repair issues such as color contrast, fonts, table formatting, heading styles, bulleted and numbered lists, spacing, logical reading order and more! Without these manual repairs end-users of assistive technologies may interpret the document in the wrong order, or in a format too confusing for them to comprehend.

Manual PDF Accessibility Testing vs. PDF Accessibility Testing Software

Did you know PDF accessibility testing software can only capture 30% to 35% of PDF accessibility failures?

During the past 20 years, Criterion has provided government and corporate clients with the most comprehensive manual PDF accessibility testing available! Because we work closely with the federal government’s largest agencies, we understand each agency’s specific PDF accessibility requirements that must be satisfied before a document is considered Section 508 compliant.

Video: Introduction to PDF Accessibility

To help you better understand a few basic PDF accessibility testing techniques, review the following video from Criterion’s award-winning online course: “Advanced – Creating Accessible Word & PDF Documents” (5:17 min.)

About Criterion’s PDF Accessibility Testing Services

Criterion processes over 1 million PDF pages each year to satisfy the federal Section 508 requirement! You can count on us for fast, accurate and affordable PDF accessibility testing services! Our PDF accessibility services include:

  • PDF Accessibility Testing & Repair Services
  • Online PDF Accessibility Training

Criterion’s 4 Easy Steps to PDF Accessibility

  • Criterion will host a brief conference call to determine your specific contractual and regulatory requirements.
  • Email us your PDFs, and we will reply with a cost estimate based on our analysis of your document.
  • Our PDF accessibility experts will use a combination of manual PDF accessibility testing and PDF accessibility testing software to repair your documents.
  • Within 2 to 3 days we will email your accessible PDFs back to you along with our invoice.

For more information about our PDF accessibility testing and repair services, contact us.